Product Roadmap – February 2023

// Flemming Rasmussen // Feb 22, 2023

Product Roadmap gives Wazoku an opportunity to provide updates on the upgrades we’ve made to our platform and outline where we plan to take things next. In the February 2023 edition, we outline a vision for the future of Wazoku, including new products, an improved user experience, and the introduction of a leading scouting tool.

What we've achieved:

Since our last Product Roadmap, Wazoku has seen some brilliant upgrades to our platform.  Here are just some of the ways that we have improved the experience of using Wazoku for all of your innovation needs:

  • Site Navigation: a complete rebuild of the navigation bar has improved accessibility and customization capabilities.

  • Tasks and Notifications: the overhaul of tasks and notifications UI has resulted in greater control and visibility of the content that matters.

  • Sharing Options: new “level” and “access” options offer admins the flexibility to share dashboards across different locations with bespoke permissions.

  • Translations: using SiSense UI, Wazoku has expanded its translation options, meaning your work can be viewed in more languages than ever before.

  • Single Sign On (SSO): moving from the Challenge Center to customer sites no longer requires users to retype credentials.


A Product Vision for 2023:

All of those updates that now exist on the Wazoku platform have laid the groundwork for our 2023 Product Vision. In a nutshell, we want to use this year to "design the best innovation experience to help build a better world."

This is a great ambition, but how do we make it happen? Well, we see this as a goal that can be broken down into 5 key product objectives.

Through Advanced Analytics and AI, we want to create a platform that enables and encourages customers, partners, and third parties to extend their innovation capabilities. We will do this by building flexible sharing and permissions into the platform, improving a user experience with templating and widget catalogs, and producing a data modelling framework that improves support for form fields.

Secondly, in 2023, we want to develop Self Service at Scale, which will encourage organizations and people within them to identify solutions to existing problems more proactively. By reimagining the Challenge builder experience with more pre-defined templates and an integrated form builder, we will also develop a more personalized content space for users’ Challenges, idea spaces, and communities.

As well as these updates, we will provide the tools and functionality to drive organic, viral engagement across user groups on the platform, delivering our third objective: Engagement at Scale. Pivotal to this will be the introduction of a Microsoft Teams Personal App and Microsoft Teams Bots. This will allow users to use Wazoku within the MS Teams environment as they would with the rest of their daily work, without having to log into the web version of the site.

Furthermore, our fourth key objective will see the introduction of Scouting at Scale. Here, we will provide the tools and functionality to make it easier to segment and target companies and/or people for users to engage with. Integral to this is a new feature which will see us establish 'Companies as an entity'.

Finally, we will be introducing New Products to Wazoku's offering. The first of these is Mindpool, an employee insights and engagement collecting tool that uses collective intelligence to unlock actionable employee insights. This will help businesses make the first move on Innovation at Scale, as it easily asks everyone across the organization for ideas on how to improve.


In this blog, we’ve looked at the Wazoku product as it stands in February 2023. We’ve outlined the updates that have taken place since the last Product Roadmap in October 2022, and illustrated our vision for where we want to go next. We’ve also discussed the key objectives that will make our 2023 product vision achievable and deliverable.

To see our Product Roadmap in full, check out the recording here!


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