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A lot has changed at Wazoku in the last six months. As is to be expected from a company at the forefront of the innovation industry, we don’t stay still for long. Since my last Product Roadmap, we’ve secured $8.5M in Series B investment, brought a collective intelligence start-up into our business, and won a number of awards and accreditations, including our new B Corp Certificate.

Behind the scenes, the Product team have been working immensely hard to fulfil the objectives that I announced last time and work towards the next iteration of the Wazoku product. The landscape around us is constantly shifting, and we recognize it is vital to keep pushing forward with new features, optimization, and better support for all of our customers.

Below, I’m going to introduce four key areas of our product that have exciting updates. Some of these are already available, and some we expect to see in the platform in the coming months.

Advanced Analytics:

Advanced Analytics is live! The main reason for enhancing this area of our product was to give customers better and more configurable control of their data.

Having migrated the dashboard into the existing analytics suite, customers now have access to interactive content and widgets: all housed in one place. This interactivity is coupled with the ability to configure dashboards to make them work best for you, representing a real step forward in our analytics capabilities.

Advanced Analytics is geared towards making it easier to do more with the content and data generated from your innovation program. With this in mind, coming soon we will have:

-Enhanced sharing permissions: we’re rolling out greater sharing permissions on dashboards and reports at the Challenge, Community, and Site level: giving the applicable admins (Challenge Managers, Idea Space and Co-creation Community Admins, and Site Admins) the ability to decide who sees the available content within their Challenge or community.

-Migrated interactive reports: moving the dashboard into the existing analytics suite was just the first step. We’re now bringing the Report Builder and all of its content into the suite as well, while still maintaining users’ ability to download and export reports.

-Improved language support: for customers that operate in more than their current default language, we’ll be increasing our ability to support multi-language sites accurately and appropriately.

Connected Communities:

The first iteration of our Connected Communities functionality is also now live! This was borne out of feedback we received from customers who wanted enhanced security between their internal and external communities. This first release gives customers the ability to control security permissions and make it work for them.

The next step involves extending this capability to seamlessly invite other audiences - such as the Wazoku Crowd - to collaborate. In the next iteration, we will be enabling Single Sign On and Single Log Out features that ensure this enhanced co-creation capability can be managed securely and effortlessly.

UX Improvements:

Another area that we have made improvements in recently is the notifications and tasks functionality in the platform. This is aimed at giving users greater understanding and awareness of their notifications and tasks. We now allow you to ‘Mark as Read’ notifications you’ve already seen, filter to be community-specific, and filter to show only ‘Unread’ notifications, giving users more focus on what their workload is.

Coming soon, we will be adding the ability to ‘@mention’ any user in a public or open community, encouraging users to explore new and relevant content. Also, we’ll be improving the navigation of the site to make it easier for end users to find communities and Challenges. This goes hand-in-hand with a next generation quickbar (also coming soon) that will give access to all favorited content.

Companies as an Entity:

This represents something entirely new for the Wazoku product and is an exciting development that we’ll be working on over the coming months. Creating the ability to house entire companies as an entity is recognition of the fact that innovation is about more than just capturing and selecting ideas.

It is also about capturing companies and working with start-ups to achieve organizational goals. Historically, managing this has involved extensive databases, containing details of the people inside the organizations you work with. This new development will allow users to develop a workflow and an open call for companies that they want to work with, housing all information surrounding this partnership in one place.

In this blog, I’ve given an oversight of the exciting product developments that have been recently released by Wazoku and outlined where we are focusing in order to improve our offering even further. If you’d like to get more detail on any of these developments or plans, please watch the full Product Roadmap webinar below:



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